east sydney school

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integratedDESIGNgroup began the masterplan process for the school during the initial stages of new building work in order to have a clear rationale for the placement of the building. Following on from the construction of the new buliding integratedDESIGNgroup was engaged to explore a more detailed masterplan for the whole site, to prompt and guide all future developments of the …



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Nestled among the trees in Walang, in the Central Tablelands of NSW, a ‘normal’ family, locally grown, wanted a more sophisticated, while simple, alteration to their 1980’s split level fibro cottage. The pavilion plan is not radical; the skillion form and corrugated cladding is not unknown; the centred deck is a proven device; the controlled entry view has bypassed the …


strathfield home

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The primary living space is at the core of the home in the form of an ‘atrium’ volume cloistered by other living areas at ground floor and a gallery accessing ‘private’ rooms on the upper floor. There is a deliberate implied inversion of indoor/outdoor areas between the light and drama of the atrium and the covered ‘external’ living spaces which …


st marys estate

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In conjunction with Landcom, Penrith Council and the Development Team, this estate addressed the escalating housing costs in Sydney and delivered affordable house and land packages, substantially below the market cost. This development benefits from knowledge gained at Forest Glade, ensuring cost effective building planning, use of materials and efficient urban planning. 20% of the product was provided as affordable …


peel house

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Located outside Bathurst, this rural home captures the essence of the classic country pavilion. Two misaligned pavilions create entry and private spaces, winter and summer courtyards. The sliding plan allows zoning of the living spaces and allows good passive control of solar and wind influences on the dwelling. The arrangement ensures district views that are enjoyed from all major rooms. …


park central terraces

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Prepared under the Park Central Design Guidelines, the terraces form an integral part of the master plan. Across from the main community park, the terraces have an ‘open connectedness’ with the park, whilst the front courtyard creates a transitional defensible zone. The north facing rear courtyards draw light into the dwellings promoting an open indoor/outdoor living arrangement. Despite the density, …


rural residence | orange

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Our client was relocating from tropical Queensland to Orange in central New South Wales and wanted to accommodate their family in an open, stylish home that captured the best of the lifestyle they were leaving behind with the best of the new one they would adopt. The form of the house is derived from the expression and resolution of the …


highview jetty o’connell

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The first site encountered in a 30 year career that did not immediately reveal its own inevitable architectural response! Perhaps this is merely the procrastination of an owner/architect, but ‘scheme 9B’ is a balanced fusion of context, preconception, opportunity, imperative and economics. These influences combine to make a rural cluster of sheds divided or coalesced by an obligatory jetty (the …



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Rural retreat in O’Connell, NSW The owners of this new home sought to establish a family retreat on their rural property. The main ‘dining hall’ is the meeting place, the stage-set for shared company and fine food. The décor has a robust elegance, combining warmth and security with formal order. The mixed use of natural and textured materials with the …



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Situated in the leafy northern suburbs, this home seeks to provide light and contemporary accommodation for a family of four – mum, dad and two daughters. Designed to collect light and provide strong indoor/outdoor connections, the dwelling encourages social interaction whilst providing intimate corners and spaces to escape. The upstairs is a series of private rooms and balconies, all capturing …