front_james barnet dr

james barnet drive house | bathurst

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A grand central volume traverses the plan within the ‘natural’ profile of the roof spanning this single level family home. The extension and termination of the roof at its higher level provides the street presence critical to the typology, but so often merely applied in pastiche. Two skilions provide a tall symmetrical foil to the entry then recede to allow light …


glenray industries st michaels | bathurst

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Glenray provides residential care and work for people with a range of ability. This project, over several stages, is reconfiguring the St Michael’s site to create a new street of group homes surrounding the institutional ‘children’s home’ which has dominated since the 1950’s. The new houses borrow from the form of the original building, progressively adjusting its scale to achieve …

orange_school_sketch 1

orange grammar school

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integratedDESIGNgroup developed a concept using the buildings to form the edge of the school community, providing the meeting spaces between and at the centre of the classroom clusters, defining the focus of the school community and providing a protective yet permeable interface with the community. The arrangement of buildings and open space cleverly traverse the undulating site and minimise the …


orange uni village

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On the fringe of Orange and adjacent to the new technology park, this significant masterplan embraces a wide range of uses including student housing, aged care living, sports facilities, medium density housing and rural residential to develop a sense of community and a new self-sustaining village centre. integratedDESIGNgroup prepared the masterplan with Orange Council’s support.


peel house

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Located outside Bathurst, this rural home captures the essence of the classic country pavilion. Two misaligned pavilions create entry and private spaces, winter and summer courtyards. The sliding plan allows zoning of the living spaces and allows good passive control of solar and wind influences on the dwelling. The arrangement ensures district views that are enjoyed from all major rooms. …


rural residence | orange

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Our client was relocating from tropical Queensland to Orange in central New South Wales and wanted to accommodate their family in an open, stylish home that captured the best of the lifestyle they were leaving behind with the best of the new one they would adopt. The form of the house is derived from the expression and resolution of the …


highview jetty o’connell

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The first site encountered in a 30 year career that did not immediately reveal its own inevitable architectural response! Perhaps this is merely the procrastination of an owner/architect, but ‘scheme 9B’ is a balanced fusion of context, preconception, opportunity, imperative and economics. These influences combine to make a rural cluster of sheds divided or coalesced by an obligatory jetty (the …



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Rural retreat in O’Connell, NSW The owners of this new home sought to establish a family retreat on their rural property. The main ‘dining hall’ is the meeting place, the stage-set for shared company and fine food. The décor has a robust elegance, combining warmth and security with formal order. The mixed use of natural and textured materials with the …